[BackroomCastingCouch] Jasmine (The Colombian Connection / 03.09.2024)


We’ve got a real firecracker this week! Jasmine is here to begin the journey of change. See Jasmine is a preschool teacher, and we can all imagine how hard that is these days. Low pay, no praise, and on top of that you’ve gotta deal with someone else’s kids. Sounds miserable, so I can’t say I blame her. Jasmine’s married to boot, though her and the hubby seem to be okay that she’s here. Rick gets to know her a little better on the couch and we find out that she’s a real character just before it’s time to get a glimpse of the goods. When she finally gets naked.. Man oh man! This girl has got such a tight petite bod and she’s only like 4’10 – just itty bitty. After a couple cute poses she’s back on the couch with a toy in hand and plug in butt. When it’s time to advance to the dick sucking, she seems eager enough and even though she’s married, she’s just gonna let hubby know after the fact. Man this little nympho was a fun one to put through the ringer. She says that she’s of Colombian descent. I haven’t’ had many Colombians, but the few I have had were absolute fuck machines. Jasmine is no different. She’s pretty orgasmic, and her moaning, “Thank you, thank you,” as I fuck that pussy NEVER gets old. She has no problem eating my ass before I fuck her throat, then move her back to my asshole again, I feel like it’s been a white since I’ve had a nice rimjob, and she’s perfectly content on breaking the dry streak. Next up is buttstuff, and she’s into it almost even more. This girl really enjoys anal, and I take advantage of that. We even throw in a few modified things, I think the producers will enjoy. A little variation of the desk fucking, and I even stood up to fuck her ass for a few seconds. In an effort to keep her a little quieter she gets those pretty pink panties stuffed in her mouth while I stuff her ass in pile driver. We get some decent mini gapes, but that ass is so tight it closes up almost as soon as I pull out my cock. No bother though, because today she’s getting her ass creampied, and after some chair fucking, I give her a thick load of baby batter right in that ass which she happily pushes out and tastes. Back on the couch a sweaty mess she’s still got that big smile on her face, as she gets dressed and heads back to hubby. Thanks for sharing my dude, your wife was amazing!

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