[BackroomCastingCouch] Angelique (Anal Angel Angelique / 03.09.2024)


25 year old Saleswoman Angelique is here today. She sells pull behind trailers for a living, and let’s be honest she’s way too hot for that nonsense. She’s Puerto Rican and she’s got some big ol’ knockers. She’s on the reserved side, but you know on a Saturday night she’s out there turnin’ it up in one of those reggaeton clubs. She arrives in a nice hot pink dress and Rick gets to interviewing her. I really love the way we can kinda see up that skirt while she’s sitting there getting to know us, so that’s hot. Finally the time comes to get naked, and she tries to give ol’ Rick the okie doke, but he’s smarter than that… objectively we have beens staring at those panties for the last 10 minutes, and she has no other excuse so we finally get to see her naked. Man those tits are humongous. After a good look at that butthole she’s back on the couch masturbating with a pretty purple vibrator. A quick buttplug later and she’s got that wonderful deer in a headlights look when she finds out it’s time to get to business. Down on her knees she gets, and we get this party started. She does a good enough job sucking my cock, it’s always my favorite part so I’m adequately impressed. I was really looking forward to wailing on that pussy but no sooner than getting her in doggy style Aunt Flo starts rearing her ugly head. It’s okay though, this kinda stuff happens ya’ll, but modern problems call for modern solutions so it’s decided we’re just gonna fuck her ass the whole time. Angelique likes anal, so for her… no problem, and ya gotta love that. Now the funny thing is, usually I get to bang them vaginally for a while, then we pop over and test out the butthole. Today even going straight to the ass basically, we get almost the same amount of fucking we’d normally get. So Angelique is an anal Angel for sure. We do some doggy style, then move it to the desk for missionary and side stuff. We get a pretty little gape out of her and she rides me both ways on the couch. Little bit of throat fukcing.. isn’t it cute how she’s remorseful for not being able to deepthroat.. and pile driver. After that, we move to the chair before I unload on her face. We’re a bit of a disheveled mess by the end of it because it gets hot fuckign in our little room, but somehow Angelique still looks great. Cum on her face and all. She’s a magician getting that dress back on and all settled before she heads back out in the great yonder. Arividerchi Angelique!

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