[ToyWithMe] Kimmy Kimm (Revenge Rebound Fantasy / 03.02.2024)

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This solo masturbation scene begins with Kimmy Kimm storming into her room, furious. As she angrily rambles to herself, we learn that she has just had a huge fight with her boyfriend over his jealous tendencies, such as his accusation that the outfit she’s wearing is too revealing. She has retreated to her bedroom to vent to herself and try to cool down, but the reality is she’s getting more and more heated and riled up the more she thinks about the situation. Who does he think he is?? She can do whatever she damn well pleases without his ‘permission’, and if he doesn’t like it he can fuck right off! Triumphantly, she takes out a dildo and begins concocting a revenge fantasy in her mind of the toy not being just a dildo, but a rebound lover that she seeks out as payback. Maybe even their roommate, since he’s her boyfriend’s best friend. Yeah, that would sure make her boyfriend flip his lid once he found out! Or maybe, she might not even tell him right away, but instead sneak around with his friend right under her boyfriend’s nose without him even realizing. As she hypes herself up more and more describing this revenge fantasy, she begins to act it out as if the dildo were in fact her boyfriend’s best friend. As she pleasures herself with the toy she is so immersed in the roleplay that she remains hushed as she talks about how naughty they’re being having sex with her boyfriend within earshot in the other room…

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