[TeamSkeetVIP] Mayara Lopes, Ameena Green (High Fidelity (VIP Early Access) / 01.13.2024)

Ameena, a music aficionado, loves her deep cuts. But it’s her past breakups that really cut deep. In a single year, she has gone through three relationships, and now she’s looking for some closure. Ameena recounts her relationships and, against her friends’ advice, visits her exes, trying to get to the root of each breakup. Each flashback teaches Ameena something about herself and brings her closer to a fresh start. At times, it was totally out of her control. In other instances, Ameena’s own toxic traits led to splitting up. Regardless of it all, each relationship came filled with intense hardcore sex. Whether it was the artsy Dorian or her now suburban mom ex, Mayara, the sexual chemistry Ameena shared was out of this world. Follow Ameena as her memories unfold on her journey towards self-discovery. This flick is one track you’ll definitely want to spin over and over.

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