[TeamSkeetLabs] Melanie Marie (Slutty Confessions / 01.10.2024)

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What’s up, TeamSkeet fans? As the new year commences, we have in store for you so many new lab experiments that will leave your cock dry! This time, we actually brought back one of our sensational concepts that is still popular to this day! As you may recall, Slutty Confessions follows the stories of sex-crazed gals who just want to let their imagination run wild and have their pussy bred like never before. For this comeback, we have the gorgeous Melanie Marie proving how innocent-looking girls like her are the horniest and most cock-hungry ladies in the world! The story goes that, while messing around in some dating app, Melanie messages Calvin, a guy who is very interested in filling her up. Melanie tells him that she fantasizes about creampies often, making Calvin blow up his phone with the promise of a raw fuck. Melanie dreams of a man who can properly seed her, so she runs off to his house to drain the cum out of his sassy host. The encounter turns into a breeding session filled with kink and, of course, creamy load for Melanie to relish! By the end of the night and after multiple fucks, Calvin can hardly believe what a nasty and breedable girl Melanie turned out to be, truly addicted to his cum.

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