[TabooHeat] Maii, Cory Chase (Multi Milfverse – Step Mom’s Simulation Part 5 / 05.01.2024)

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Welcome To My World
Cory Chase is lying down in bed when she suddenly jumps up. ‘It was all a simulation! I’m going to have to go back in time and find him a step-mom!’ she exclaims to herself. She stands up, and she is wearing mint lingerie with a white lab coat; She grabs her portal gadget and she walks through the portal. When she ends up on the other side of the portal, she arrives in Maii’s bedroom with a naked Maii on her bed. ‘I need you to come with me to save the universe!’ Cory says, as she grabs Maii and brings her through the portal with her. ‘Who are you?!’ Maii asks Cory. ‘I’m your step-sister in this universe,’ Cory tells her. Cory leans in and she starts to kiss Maii on the lips. Cory feels Maii’s big tits up as they kiss. Cory pulls her white lab coat off, and then she pulls her mint green bra off as well. Cory strips out of the rest of her lingerie, except for her beige thigh highs that she decides to keep on. Maii lies down in the missionary position and Cory starts to eat her pussy out. After she cums, the two step-sisters start to scissor each other. They keep scissoring each other until they both cum! After they’re done scissoring, Cory starts to eat Maii’s pussy out again. They switch places a few minutes later, and Maii starts to eat Cory’s pussy out this time. ‘Are you ready to meet my Luke? All you have to do is have sex with him a couple of times, and then everything should go back to normal!’ Cory tells Maii.

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