[TabooHeat] Cory Chase, Kira Fox, Sasha Pearl (Three Girl Shower and Hair Wash / 08.30.2023)

Cory Chase, Sasha Pearl and Kira Fox hop into the shower together. They are friends and they are looking forward to playing in the water together. Cory grabs a bottle of body wash and she pours the soap all over Kira and Sasha’s tits. The three MILF’s begin washing their hair, and letting the soap fall all over their bodies. Cory is washing Kira’s hair, while Sasha is washing Cory’s. Both Cory and Sasha massage the shampoo into Kira’s head at the same time, so Kira begins to moan. Next, Cory and Kira massage shampoo into Sasha’s head and Sasha can’t control her moans either! All three MILF’s start to play with each other’s pussy’s; Chloe fingers Sasha’s pussy, while Sasha fingers Kira’s pussy. The MILF’s giggle as the water falls all over their bodies.

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