[SeeHimFuck] Beca Barbie (See A Midwestern Teen Fuck / 01.13.2024)


It’s another “double debut” this week, as both brand 19-year-old newbie Trey Haze and lovely Latina Beca Barbie are each here on See HIM Fuck for the first time, courtesy of our West Coast production team. Director Billy Visual kicks things off by interviewing HIM, followed by Trey stripping naked with some assistance from Beca. She then lubes HIM up, gives HIM a nice reach-around, and does the ole sniff ‘n’ lick on each of his hirsute armpits before allowing HIM to take a seat on the couch so she can get all freaky-deeky on his socked and bare feet. Beca then takes those toes out of her mouth & replaces them with Trey’s BWC, and proceeds to toot on that for a bit. Next up is the ass-eating portion of the program, as first Trey cops a squat on her pretty little face, followed by Beca playing the Rusty Trombone. After that, Trey decided to go down on the 22-year-old and sample her juices before we got the fucking, where Becca takes ALL of HIM folded up like a pretzel, in a back then frontward piledriver, doggystyle, and missionary until Trey pulls out and finishes HIMself off. We followed a solo HIM into the shower afterward…

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