[PutaLocura] Alice Biancci (A favor for Fidel the Bedel / 05.15.2024)

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Nobody can deceive Fidel “El Bedel”. He is a mysterious character who works at a large University in Madrid. He leads the lives of all the Complutense students, without distinction! Fidel spends the day observing them, spying on them, meticulously writing down even the smallest detail in his memory… and then confronting them and attacking mercilessly! Today she went out for a walk in the park, and she ran into this dedicated student named Alice Biancci. The girl was reviewing the latest notes she took in law class… when I approached her to talk to her about her alleged “affair” with a faculty professor! She has tried to avoid the topic… but she has no choice but to end up confessing her scandalous relationship! I have proposed to reach an agreement, offering not to tell anything to anyone… I will look the other way as if this story had not happened… but first, the young student must do me a small “FAVOR” that none of you should get lost… for nothing in the world! What a morbid scene! Alice Biancci is so hot! And what a piece of dust we hit!

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