[PornMegaLoad] Julia Robbie (40-year-old beauty Julia Robbie fucks a 21-year-old / 05.10.2024)


Julia Robbie has had her eyes on 21-year-old Elias for a while, and today, this 40-year-old mom from Illinois is going to have her mouth and pussy on him. He’s a little nervous, but she’s going to calm his nerves … by getting him very excited. Mrs. Robbie is a beautiful blonde who just happens to be wearing glasses. She keeps her glasses on to suck his cock and takes them off when he fucks her tits and pussy. By the time he shoots his load on her face, he’s a new man.
Julia had never masturbated until she came to our studio and did it the other day. She’d never had sex with a younger guy in her personal life, but now it looks like she’s addicted to young cock.
Sexual fantasies: “Gagging a man and pegging him.”
Fetish: “I love farting!”
How often she has sex: “My husband doesn’t want me to tell you.”
What sexually satisfies her best: “Peanut butter.”
Hobby: “I love chess!”
You’ve probably figured out by now that Julia is not like most women. Actually, she’s better.

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