[PervNana] Mandy Rhea, Laya Rae (Well Make You Hot / 01.11.2024)

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Laya’s having a tough time at school and her step-nana Mandy wants to do something about it. The girl is cute and smart, but her classmates bully her for being nerdy, so Mandy pushes Nicky, Laya’s stepbrother, to boost her self-confidence. Nicky checks out Laya’s blowjob skills and notices nothing odd in them. Up next, Mandy gives her step-granddaughter a makeover, one that does justice to her trimmed body. When she’s slutty enough, the two ladies celebrate Laya’s new look with a hot lesbian session. When things start to look better for Laya after a boy asks her out, Nicky realizes that his stepsister is the victim of another prank. To avoid having her new self-respect shaken, Mandy and Nicky take Laya out to celebrate her transformation, and what better way to do it than with a horny threesome?

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