[PascalsSubSluts] Gigi Patsy (Happy New Year Baby! / 01.05.2024)

Imagine Marilyn Monroe was a submissive English slut with a bit of ink… that’s Gigi Patsy — peak fuckable. In Pascal’s shoes, most of us would probably need to shoot the cumshot first, because Gigi has a way of making it happen. Don’t be ashamed though, Gigi herself can make herself cum in under 60 seconds. So what better way to kick off the new year than by popping off with a fit, orgasmic bombshell? This is exactly how Pascal intends to do it, and you, dear viewer, get to ride along. Say what you will of 2023, but if this is how 2024 starts, I think we may be in store for a good year. Let’s all make it so and we’ll thank fair Gigi for it.
We’ll kick the fuck scene proper off with a special message from Pascal… Try not to be a total pervert skipping to the sex, and give it a listen. It’ll be our ten year anniversary this year and we’d like to thank you all! Happy New Year and as always, Misbehave Responsibly!

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