[OopsFamily] Angel Windell (Stepdaddy Loves My Job / 01.10.2024)


After a rough day at the office, only webcam girls help Angel Windell’s stepfather to relax. He even became a real fan of one girl. Even though he has never seen her face, he feels that she is his soul mate. He doesn’t mind tipping her handsomely every week. One day the model decided to show new beautiful lingerie on stream, that she bought to thank him. This gorgeous performance was enough for the man to get hard and play with himself. After the stream ended, he goes to the bathroom to wash his clothes but finds exactly the same lingerie as his favorite model was wearing. It definitely doesn’t belong to his wife. At this moment, he realizes that the vicious model that drives him crazy is his stepdaughter. During the next stream, the man decides to surprise her. While Angel is streaming, he breaks into her room and sees for himself that she is the webcam girl. He demands to stop these dirty streams. The stepdaughter is confused and asks how he found out. Stepdaddy falls silent for a moment, and Angel realizes that he is one of her most loyal fans. Angel says she will tell her stepmother how her husband likes to relax after work. But confrontation is not the best way to solve family conflicts. After all, Angel doesn’t want to spoil relations with her biggest fan. And the stepfather knows that nothing makes his cock harder than his stepdaughter’s pussy. It seems that sex will be a great compromise in their situation, and his wife does not need to know their little secret.

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