[OnlyTarts] Rebecca Volpetti (Sex To Forget My Ex / 04.30.2024)

Things are going really well for Rebecca Volpetti and her boyfriend. At least that is what she thought until she went through his pockets looking for forgotten money before doing laundry. Instead of cash, she found condoms. Since she is on the pill, they don’t use them and she knew right away that he was cheating on her. Furious, she packs his stuff and throws it down the stairs, telling him to get out and that she never wants to see him again. Not content with just breaking up and being sad, she immediately hits a dating app and invites a stranger over. If her man can so easily fuck another, why can’t she? Finding a match is easy. She has a new guy to play with in no time. He has her naked on the kitchen table and is enjoying the taste of her sweet pussy before she can even think about her cheating ex. Leading him to the bedroom, she can’t remember ever being so turned on. His big cock slides easily into her pussy as she climbs on top and thrashes her hips back and forth. Before she knows it, she is kicking her feet in the air and cumming all over the stranger’s dick. Turning around to face him, she enjoys the look of lust in his eyes as his thrusts become more frantic. It has been a long time since she has felt this wanted and even longer since she has wanted to fuck like this. Though she never wants this to end, she can feel him getting close and begs to taste his load in her mouth. He is only too happy to oblige blasting her with a big load of cock cream.

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