[OnlyTarts] Ellie Shou (This Is Not For Social Media / 01.06.2024)


Cute blonde college girl Ellie Shou has become quite popular with her sexy live streams. Some of her most popular content involves trying on fun outfits live while people watch. Her fans are invited to buy her slutty outfits that they want to see her try on. She has built up enough of a following that she gets new clothes several times a week and the content has only grown more popular. This week’s outfit includes a tiny top and a tight pair of shorts that really show off her ass. She tries on another even sluttier outfit, flashing her tits to the camera. The tips are coming in fast and furious when Ellie notices she is not alone in the house. She looks up and sees her stepbrother staring at her while she plays with a dildo. Feeling bold she invites him to join and is pleasantly surprised when he pulls out a big hard cock for her. She has never done a boy-girl live show and this seems like a good place to start. Ellie gives head for the camera, taking him deep and hearing him moan as he praises her skills. Her pussy is tight and very wet, but after a few strokes, he pulls out and slides up her ass. This is getting kinkier by the minute and she loves it. Showing off her flexibility, she puts her feet up over her head and screams out for her stepbrother’s thrusting dick. He gives it to her rough, even grabbing her throat. The sex is so good she loses track of the audience and tips and even cums so hard she doesn’t notice him shooting his load into her horny pussy. This is going to be a tough show to top.

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