[OnlyTarts] Blake Blossom (For Onlytarts / 03.09.2024)

Blake Blossom is very excited to find a package at the front door. She has been housesitting for her neighbors for the summer and ordered some new books to read for the weekend. Tearing into the box, she is shocked to find that it is not her package at all. Instead of books, she finds clothes. Not just any clothes, but sexy lingerie. Nothing like she would even think of wearing. She checks the box and finds that it belongs to the owner of the house. Her conservative neighbor in clothes like this? Blake can’t imagine it. How could something so small even fit? Curious, she decides to try out the red bra. It is very tight on her firm young tits and pushes them together to create an obscene amount of cleavage. Trying on the panties, she can’t believe how little they cover. Her pussy is nearly showing and the back leaves her ass totally open to the cool air of the kitchen. Her mind starts to wander. Could her neighbor actually wear things like this around the house? Did she wear it in front of her husband? What would he think if he saw Blake in such a lewd outfit? The thought of the handsome older man next door leering at her while she paraded around in skimpy lace made her nipples hard and her pussy wet. She should not be thinking about her married neighbor like this, but she can’t help it. Sliding her fingers into her wet pussy, she imagines him fucking her with his wife at his side. It makes her feel like such a dirty girl as she cums all over her fingers right in the middle of their kitchen.

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