[LezBeBad] Vanna Bardot, Charlie Forde, Hayley Davies (Poke ‘Er Night / 05.10.2024)


Charlie Forde has started hosting a weekly poker night with her husband and his two friends, Hayley Davies and Vanna Bardot, a lesbian couple. But when the husband goes to bed, these three ladies always play one FINAL hand… where the losers get naked and the winner gets to call ALL the shots for the rest of the night! And tonight is no exception. After the husband calls it a night and leaves his wife alone with his friends, the real game begins. It starts off with some strip poker, which only excites the naughty women as they soon abandon the table and move to the couch. That’s when all bets are off as they pleasure each other to no end, including Charlie getting her pussy double-fisted and being a part of a strap-on train!

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