[LezBeBad] Liv Revamped, Avery Black (Knotty Neighbor / 03.02.2024)


After getting back from a day of sailing, a woman, Liv Revamped, gets a surprise visit from her younger neighbor, Avery Black. It seems that Avery wants Liv to teach her about knots, but not for sailing… No, the naughty Avery actually wants Liv to satisfy her bondage cravings by tying her up in a sexual way! Luckily, Liv is intrigued and more than happy to tie Avery up and have her way. They have rough, sensual sex, starting with Liv tying Avery’s arms behind her back and stuffing a scarf in her mouth. But things only get hotter from there as Liv secures more and more ropes around Avery’s body, giving them both pleasures unimaginable.

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