[KissMeFuckMe] Kenna James (Tell Them You’ll Call Back / 03.14.2024)

Kenna James and Seth Gamble are getting frisky in bed when Kenna gets a call on her cell phone. Seth doesn’t want her to pick up, but since it’s one of Kenna’s family members who is calling, she does. Seth insists that she tell them she’ll call back, but Kenna cheekily declines and starts chatting away. Well, if Kenna doesn’t want to hang up, then Seth’s going to have to convince her to drop the call some other way… As Kenna keeps talking, Seth starts fooling around with her. Kenna is taken aback but loves every second of this naughty turn of events. Before long, she puts down the phone and gives herself completely to Seth, who couldn’t be happier to finally get what he wants.

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