[JapanHDV] Amina Kiuchi (Nerdy Guy Finally Gets To Fuck His Crush Amina Kiuchi / 03.11.2024)


The lucky guy in this video woke up one morning and discovered that he was home alone. His parents are gone and he remembered that he has to help his childhood friend with her homework. Amina Kiuchi is her friend and she came to his house where they started talking and reminiscing about the good old times when he had a crush on her. While she was talking, he could only look down his blouse, trying to get a glimpse of her boobies. But he was so obviously staring at her chest that Amina had to say something. And her friend was so cute trying to lie that he wasn’t looking. Because Amina is so cool and naughty, she offered her friend the chance to see her titties. So she pulled down her blouse and reveal those perky little boobies to her friend who couldn’t stop but touch them. They started kissing and then they moved action in the bedroom, where the nerdy guy started exploring her body and touching her all over the place. He ended up getting her naked and licking her pussy before fingering her pink hole and playing with her clit. All that oral play got Amina so relaxed and she agreed to return the favor. But when she took off her friend’s pants and saw what a nice dick he has, she was pleasantly surprised. They even did some 69 before fucking. And then the two friends finally fucked. She moaned so loud and the whole adventure ended with a creampie in her tight little pussy.

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