[HowWomenOrgasm] Lulu Chu (03.13.2024)

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It was an exciting day when Lulu Chu joined us for an enlightening podcast exploring female pleasure. When we dove into it, Lulu spoke first of how her very conservative upbringing led to her being sheltered for most of her life until she struck out on her own. Naturally, finding herself for the first time then became a bit of a challenge, especially in terms of her sexuality. But one of the things she learned quickly was that using her fingers alone when it came to masturbating didn’t cut it because they didn’t move fast enough! As the interview continued, one of the best pieces of advice she had for everyone watching was to not be afraid to explore your sexuality. Sexuality is fluid, and it’s okay if you thought you were straight, then bi, then straight again, then maybe lesbian… It’s a process, and you have to give yourself space to figure it all out. And with those wise words, it was time for Lulu to show us on screen exactly what she’s figured out and mastered for herself so far.

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