[GoStuckYourself] Alex Grey (Laundromat Stuck Scandal / 03.04.2024)

A woman, Alex Grey, is doing her laundry in an otherwise empty laundromat. Looking around and seeing the coast is clear from judgy strangers, she decides to remove her panties from under her skirt and add them to the laundry load. Relieved that nobody saw her do this mild faux-pas, she closes the machine and sets it to start. Later on, when the laundry is done, Alex leans into it to grab her clothes and is shocked when her hair gets caught! She squirms and tries to wriggle free from the machine, but all this does is cause her skirt to hike up her waist revealing her bare pussy and ass to the world. She is embarrassed and calls for help, which leads to the laundromat owner, Seth Gamble, coming in from his nearby office. Seth rushes over to help but then does a double-take when he sees her bare backside. Seth scolds Alex, who is already now WELL BEYOND being embarrassed. She just wants to get out of this situation as soon as humanly possible, and is willing to do ANYTHING for Seth’s help. Seth’s ears perk up as a sly and flirty expression crosses his face as he questions, ‘ANYTHING??’ Alex rolls her eyes, wondering what she’s gotten herself into, but is down to let Seth have his cheeky way with her in exchange for a helping hand.

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