[GirlsOnlyPorn] Alex Coal, Sera Ryder (Happy Endings / 01.09.2024)


Roommates Sera Ryder and Alex Coal just click on so many levels. They prepare for a movie night together. As they discuss what kind of romcom they’ll watch, Alex claims they’re all the same plot. As she’s describing it, she adlibs that obviously the girl meets a hot girl instead of reuniting with the dumb guy who just broke her heart. That line of conversation leads Sera to ask Alex if she’s ever done anything with a girl. Of course Alex has. Sera confesses that she hasn’t, but then goes on to claim that maybe she just hadn’t realized she has found the right girl. All that flirting gets Alex hot and heavy as she goes in for an exploratory kiss that turns into so much more. By the time their kiss transitions into something hotter and heavier, Alex has tugged Sera’s shirt down to unveil her tits with their hard nipples. She samples them eagerly, then lets Sera return the favor with her own breasts. Pushing Sera gently onto her back, Alex tugs her roommate’s thong to the side and licks the flat of her tongue right up Sera’s slit. How can Sera do anything besides the exact same to Alex? The next thing Alex does is guide Sera into a lesbian 69 with Sera on top. Using their tongues and fingers, they lick and probe at one another’s juicy coochies. Leading the way, Alex guides Sera to a big O even as her roommate gives her back the same. They finish with some hot tribbing, pushing themselves clit to clit as they scissor each other into one last round of mutual bliss.

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