[GirlGirlXXX] Khloe Kingsley, Serene Siren (Khloe Kingsley Shows Serene Siren Her Attention To Detail / 03.12.2024)

Adorable blonde babysitter Khloe Kingsley has an impeccable resume’ for all her past jobs and milf Serene Siren is amazed with all the positive references and would like to have a sample of every position! Confident Khloe quickly slips off her soaked panties, spreading wide, so Serene could have a deep taste of her sweet hot furry pussy first and then gets Serene to open up for her teasing tongue to lick up all her dripping juices too. Experienced Serene straddles Khloe’s swollen pussy lips, riding and grinding each others delicate bushy pussies for some extreme orgasms and anticipation for Khloe’s first day on the job!

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