[FamilyStrokes] Kelsey Kane, Sweet Sophia (Sophia’s Test / 01.11.2024)


Donnie and Kelsey couldn’t be more excited when Jimmy brings home his girlfriend. The boy is shy and has never been much of a social butterfly. Donnie, his stepdad, wants to ensure that Sophia, Jimmy’s new babe, is the right fit for the family. Kelsey is entirely on board, and like a good stepsister, she also looks out for Jimmy’s best interests. It isn’t enough that Sophia is a kind soul. In addition to being friendly, she must also be able to satisfy Jimmy sexually. Right away, Donnie and Kelsey put the moves on Sophia. She’s way sexier than anticipated, and her bright and bubbly personality is a good sign. Donnie reaches his hand under the table at the dinner table and rubs Sophia’s leg. Kelsey also wants to play around and puts her foot between Sophia’s legs, inching closer to her panties. Sophia is picking up the hints but isn’t surprised by how forward Jimmy’s stepfamily is. In fact, she likes it. Kelsey sets the full plan in motion and purposefully gets cake all over Sophia’s blouse. The girls go to Kelsey’s bedroom, where they can have some fun. Kelsey rubs Sophia’s tits and admires her slender petite body, and Sophia also takes in Kelsey’s beauty. As their lust for one another grows, Donnie enters the room and listens to the girls moan in pleasure before stepping inside with his cock out. Sophia and Kelsey quickly get to work, getting down on their knees to suck Donnie’s cock. They soon move to the bed, where Donnie fucks Jimmy’s new girlfriend and his own stepdaughter. Sophia has never experienced a family dynamic like this before, but it’s certainly one she could get used to.

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