[ExploitedCollegeGirls] Kira (Never Ever Been Fucked Like This / 02.29.2024)


Wow, someone is excited and judging by that smile of pearly whites girl you can’t wait to get your naughty on with Tyler Nixon. Her name is Kira, she’s 20 years old, she’s super nervous all right but way more excited because she usually doesn’t do random hookups and hasn’t had sex for about a month she declared. Not sure why girl because you are adorable and one of the prettiest and most beautifully all natural girls we’ve ever had on ExCoGi. No lie because she normally doesn’t wear makeup and she has this innocent but cool confident swagger about her that’s infectious and simply draws people in. I’m sure they also like to “CUM” into you as well, but lately Kira’s been all about the self-stimulation method of Orgasms and confesses she masturbates at least 3 times a night before bed. It’s also super hot how she talks about her never ending obsession with watching her ex boyfriend jack off and how it absofuckinglutely turns her on. Cock Worship, it’s fucking awesome if you enjoy watching a girl just stare, touch, caress, and admire your Stiff Cock with amazement as they slowly stroke and lick their lips in anticipation, and the mere fact that Kira gets off to this and loves to watch guys masturbate is just wonderful in my book. We get to witness this voyeuristic love first hand starting at (13:19) and this little appetizer gets the sparks flying and the chemicals reacting between these two as the passion slowly builds and rages hotter and more out of control the further into it you watch. Not kidding everyone, just look at how many times Kira comes today because she explains that guys usually don’t, or can’t, make her cum during Sex and she usually has to finish herself off. Sorry about that, and lucky for you today you’re getting the Tyler Nixon bonus package, which includes your First Ever Squirting Orgasm(s), that’s plural Orgasms everyone. You also get your First Ever Facial, and your First Ever Anal Play that happened in Cowgirl at (1:07:00). Plus, at (1:05:21) Tyler’s Cock just happens to slip out of your wet as fuck pussy and slightly just happens to go up Kira’s Ass much to her liking. We were all pretty surprised by that and Kira even stated with a big smile and face full of cum after wards that she kind of liked it and wouldn’t mind letting Tyler fuck her Ass for her First Ever Anal. Don’t tempt Tyler with a good time girl and we’re just happy you stayed over to let a professional go were no guy or toy has ever been before. So now I’ll conclude with this observation about just how in love the last few girls have been with our stud Tyler because first it was Ruby Moon over at Hotmilfsfuck.com and excogigirls.com that flat out was infatuated and openly committed to having Tyler’s baby’s during the Post Shoot Confessional, and now Kira also?! Ok she doesn’t confess to wanting his baby’s but she does want to pack him up into her suitcase and bring him home with her because she’s so smitten afterwards in the shower. Never seen so many girls fall in love with great sex and maybe there’s something in the water but I’m just happy they’re doing the naughty deeds here and not somewhere else. It makes my job so much easier and it results in Phenomenally Great Sex on film. So now with that I bid you all farewell and toddles everyone.

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