[ExploitedCollegeGirls] Alice (Soft-Spoken Sexual Inferno / 01.07.2024)


Today I present Alice and fuck if this girl isn’t the definition of sexy to me. You see I’m a legs and ass type of guy and Alice has perfect legs and it’s her heart shaped ass that’s both her favorite Body part and mine. It’s spectacular all right and as the Main Icon of this scene illustrates, Alice has a breathtakingly fabulous vagina that’s sandwiched between two very beautiful and oh so squeezable checks. Her side spoon butt burger is one of the best I’ve ever seen and when those inner lips do that dick grabbing thing? Well my special purpose screams “THANK YOU STEVE!” and that my friends are what wet dreams are made of. Now I’ll admit Alice is a little on the reserved side and the interview was cut a little short, but trust me when I say the sex waaaaaaaaaaaaay more than makes up for it. Eight! Count’em, EIGHT orgasms today and after the thorough dicking she received confessed she only has multiple O’s with someone she’s comfortable with and feels the atoms interacting and has “chemistry” with. Well the chemistry was very with it today and Alice couldn’t stop saying how F-ing good the sex was in between the constant eye rollings as she fell in and out of her headspace. I added the “f-ing” for my own dramatic effect but she had a miraculous time today and if you missed her First Time EVER Lesbian Sex over at excogigirls then you’ll just have to go check that out. It was with Amber Moore and need I say more because those two went on a pussy-munching make out lezzzyfest picnic that lasted over two full hours and continued into the shower. Seriously it is one of my best productions and Alice was amazing in it and once she broke out of her shell here and relaxed the sex was scorchingly hot for her first dick on camera. Love it, so with that I’ll say Happy New Years everyone and until next weeks update cheers.

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