[ExCoGiGirls] Melanie, Sophia (I Hope I Lick It Right / 03.08.2024)

Hello everybody and welcome to today’s episode of a fresh as fuck 19 year old newbie named Sophia who’s here to Lick Slit for the very first time. It’s a special time alright in every young girls life so lets welcome her to the ExCoGi family shall we and introducing her is returning fan favorite Melanie Marie who’s turned into quite the superstar here at our network and the porn universe. Her BBCSurprise.com scene entitled: “My Pussy Hurts. My Asshole Hurts” is the top rated video on that site for a reason. Her other scenes are all top rated as well so go check them out and now she’s a new main stay girl in the excogigirls.com rotation and she’s here to help introduce young newbie’s to First Time Lesbian Love. Yummy, and these two look so damn adorable on the bed together and what their about to do should be illegal. Thank God it’s not and it’s obvious Sophia’s a bit nervous to lick her first pussy, but Melanie in her sweet and soft voice reassures her that she’ll do just fine as she tickles Sophia’s Nipples through her almost see-through dress. This is the first time Sophia’s ever touched another girls boobs and Melanie wastes no time at all undressing her so she can experience the soft and tender touch only a girl can bring to the pleasures of the flesh. It’s hot watching Melanie caress, kiss and bite Sophia’s nipples starting at (7:57) as these two get fully undressed and the nervous and excited anticipation on Sophia’s face is why I love authentic newbie naughty fun. So after the girls get more acquainted with their sexy nude bodies, Sophia touches Melanie’s wet pussy at (11:06) and she’s in awe of just how soft and wet her pussy is. I don’t know about you but this shit makes my dick hard as these young nymphs explore each other until Melanie at (15:54) lays Sophia back on the bed and shows her how well and different a girl licks pussy. It’s hot and goes on for a good long and soft eight minutes until it’s Sophia’s turn to Lick Her First Pussy Ever and it happened at (25:46). Does she like it you ask? Fuck yes she does and when Melanie reaches in between her legs at (26:55) to finger Sophia’s wet slit as she’s munching on her first muff is hot as fuck. I hope everyone’s enjoying the Picture in Picture (PIP) of the action because I always want to see everything all at the time. Next it’s 69 Position and these two go at each other’s twats like it’s their last super and who wouldn’t want to lick these girl’s Pussies. I certainly do and the way Sophia’s tongue flickers over Melanie’s spread open slit starting at (34:35) shows you she’s more than bi-curious. This is also the position that Sophia has her First Orgasm in at (42:43) with the help of the Magic Wand and it’s so awesome I had to show it in instant replay 4 different times back to back because I just couldn’t pick which angles were the best so I showed them all. Now the girls switch positions at this point and Melanie gets on top to extend the Pussy Eating Buffet to a whopping 34 minutes in length because you can never have too much Pussy Licking, Right? Right, and next it’s the Strapless Strapon as Sophia assumes the ‘Face Down – Ass Up’ position and with a devious smile Melanie starts fucking her from behind. It’s hot I have to admit but it’s even hotter watching Melanie shove it up Sophia’s Pussy from behind as she tortures her Clit with the Magic Wand some more until Orgasm #2 erupts at (1:03:48) while Sophia’s feet flail about. It’s a wonderful ending of the sex on the bed and wow boys and girls! That was hot and with that sadly thought as with all great things, this to must come to an end and its off to the shower for these hotties and some more good clean fun ensues with a little more Pussy Licking under the shower head and Dildo Fucking. Meow I know, and me wants more don’t you? So stay tuned everyone. And I’m so excited because we have more hot never before seen cuties coming this month. It’s awesome.

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