[ExCoGiGirls] Hannah, Shrooms Q (Drooling All Over These Girls / 03.08.2024)

“I’ve been drooling so much. I drooled like right next to your head. I was drooling in the shower, and I was drooling watching your pussy get played with. I’m like why am I drooling so much? ” Good question Shrooms and the answer is Hannah’s vagina and body. Period, and please read the quotes below to understand why Hannah had 5 orgasms today and little Ms. Fungi had 9. Hannah actually confessed on the bed afterwards that she had 7 or 8 but I only counted 5. Help me out everyone to find the elusive O’s because today was an “Out Of Body Orgasm” experience. Almost made that the title of today’s video it was so fitting. Another close runner up for today’s title was “I Hope You Have Fun Jerking Off To Us” because this was thee exact quote from our little Magic Mushroom friend as these two walked out. They had fun all right and todays shenanigan’s are what wet dreams are made of and something every young newbie to slit licking wished she’d experience. Lucky you who gets to watch and witness the chemicals react before your very eyes. “Hope you guys enjoyed that because she was fucking good,” were the last comments stated by our returning microbial infestive magic fungi as she put on her tight boy-shorts undie’s at (1:58:46) to help with her swollen coochy in hopes it returns to normal size. Things that make you say Hmmmmmmmm, and so with that I will leave you all and until next weeks update, cheers.

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