[ExCoGiGirls] Bonnie, Trinity (Can I Taste You? / 03.08.2024)

And the holiday festivities just keep rolling into November don’t they? They sure do as Trinity continues to take the red pill and leads our sexy as fuck Milf Bonnie further down into the slit-licking matrix. Hot I know, and if you want to see something else that’s hot outside the slit-licking matrix that includes these girls, multiple orgasms and some twig and berries then go check out Bonnie and Trinity’s other scenes listed below. I mean you can’t only be interested in slit on slit smut right because variety is the spice of life I hear, but that’s just me. Anyways, we find out that Bonnie’s not completely new to the pleasures of the female anatomy and as we get to know the girls on the bed we find out the older / younger dynamic is something that’s new to Bonnie. Bonnie also hasn’t been with a girl that’s this into other girls as Trinity is and confessed she’s most excited to be licked by a girl so into slit licking. Well you’re in for a treat today because Trinity is the perfect partner to fully immerse ones self into all the pleasurable sensations of female on female lovemaking. So things start out innocently enough with a few soft and tender kisses on the lips from Trinity after she felt and sucked on Bonnie’s perfectly inflated tits and girls just know how to take their time and enjoy things. No stampeding towards the clitoris going on here because this is also Trinity’s very first time feeling large enhanced breast and she wants to take her time and enjoy the ride. Yes, this scene was shot before her Girl on Girl on Girl threesome action with Justine Jakobs and Ivy Brooks which are also very highly rated and worth checking out. But back to the action we go because the passion that Trinity brings to this table is 5-star service and what every girl wishes for in there first truly passionate, done right, slit licking experience. Again, girls just take their time to do foreplay right and it’s this truly love of all things girly that Trinity possesses that makes this stuff on the bed so genuine and real and can’t be easily manufactured or replicated. Example, at (18:26) after a very passionate make-out session, Bonnie asks if she can touch Trinity’s pussy then does, then makes-out more with Trinity before licking her fingers and giggles then begins making-out more. Wow and Men let me say this about women. Women are complicated the same way golf is complicated. Now they both appear or seem not all that complicated on the surface because it’s just a little white ball that doesn’t move for God sake, and the other one’s just soft with warm holes we like to put things into. Simple enough right, and all you have to do with one is swing your long and hard club, hitting one of your balls down a very peaceful, pretty and well manicured fairway or landing strip to her small hole. You see how I’m comparing a golf hole to a woman’s body? Clever right, and you even get to put the ball up on a fucking tee about the ground to start out, adding to the frustration of this seemingly uncomplicated game. Almost mocking us in its simplicity when it never goes as strait or as far as you think it, or you, will go with her. Almost like you don’t know what you’re doing and haven’t got a clue were her clit, I mean holes located on the green. Well here’s the secret to golf and women guys because the mechanics are eerily similar. The harder and faster you try, the more you suck at it. You want the ball to go farther and straighter down the extremely well manicured landing strip? Slow your swing down in the beginning if you want your ball to go farther and straighter. Slow things down with girls also in the beginning and girls understand this simple yet complicated concept about other girls and this is why there’s a little bit of lesbian in every girl I think and why I love this shit so much. Thank God there isn’t a penis involved here because all the tender yet naughty innocence of what happens on the bed for the entire video would be lost in the cyclone of testosterone right? Anyway’s there’s tons of pussy licking and orgasms from both these girls that will make any kitty cat purr with pleasure before they head to the Shower for more good clean shenanigans for those of you that enjoy that part of the program. So I bid you all farewell, I hope you all enjoy this one and until next weeks update cheers everyone.

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