[DevilsFilm] Sage Rabbit (Cuck ‘Em While They’re Young / 12.29.2023)

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Sage Rabbit and her boyfriend Jacob Coldwater are at a vacation resort. Jacob thinks they’re having a great time so far, but Sage disagrees, because when they had sex he came way too fast. Jacob says they can try again, but Sage complains that he’s ALWAYS bad in bed, and she’s in serious need of another man’s cock… one that can really satisfy her. Just then, one of the resort employees, Nunu Dickslanger, approaches the couple and asks them if they would like to have any appetizers. Sage eagerly says that she would like some cock. Nunu is surprised, but becomes receptive when Sage pulls aside her bikini bottom to flaunt her pussy.
Sage sucks on Nunu’s hard cock, clearly thinking it’s the best appetizer ever, while Jacob watches in shock. She then moves on to the main course, letting Nunu fuck her pretty pussy while Jacob continues to helplessly watch the action!

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