[DareWeShare] Madi Collins, Myra Moans (When Push Comes To Shove / 03.10.2024)

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Things have been going pretty well for Codey Steele during his first few weeks as a college freshman. He loves his classes, has been getting along great with his teachers, and is even being considered for the position of RA for his dorm. Needless to say, this guy is already making waves around campus. So, it isn’t much of a surprise that Ryan’s caught the eye of Madi Collins and Myra Moans, two hot chicks that want nothing more than to get in Codey’s good books. While he’s busy setting up for a party one day, both girls approach him and come onto him, each of them wanting him all to themselves… and neither willing to back down. Codey tries to remain diplomatic, but his attempts at peace are simply no match for these two firestorms, and he ends up in a literal tug-of-war between them! He quickly manages to calm them down, offering a temporary truce to these two girls in the form of a threesome. After all, when push comes to shove, sharing is ALWAYS the best answer, and Codey is more than willing to share every part of him with these two babes. Wow… what a nice guy!

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