[BreedingMaterial] Jill Kassidy (Your Load Is Mine / 01.03.2024)

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Jill feels crushed since her recent breakup and struggles with getting over her ex. Her stepdad, Donnie, understands his little girl’s pain. He wants her to feel cared for so she can move on. Jill is his princess, after all, and he’d do anything for his princess. Jill has always had a crush on her stepdaddy, and as he consoles her, her obsession with Donnie becomes more and more evident. Not only does the innocent girl look up to him, but she also starts craving Donnie’s juicy load, constantly fantasizing about him shooting all of it deep inside of her. Plus, she has always resented her mom for how she treats Donnie. Jill would treat Donnie so much better and would let him fuck her raw whenever he wanted. He would never have to pull out and could breed her to his heart’s content. After all, Donnie took a heavy load off Jill’s back, so she owes taking a load from him, too, right? Jill sets the scene and gets Donnie to fuck her. When he can’t find a condom, she couldn’t be happier. She opens up her pussy and lets Donnie plant his seed deep inside of her.

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