[BBCSurprise] Kira (Giddy With Love of BBC / 04.30.2024)


Kira’s back everyone after her debuts over at ExCoGi and excogigirls for her first sex on camera and her first Girl/Girl ever. They’re hot and listed below so go check them out, and today’s she’s back for what she thinks is another shoot with white cock director Rocky. Is she happy and excited? You betcha and this self-admitted pleaser can’t wait to be railed hard again because she had all her firsts with Tyler Nixon and was just giddy with his cock and can’t wait for more. Well more is in order and after disrobing so Rocky could finger fuck her beautiful holes from behind as she spread her fine ass checks. Then the magic wand makes it’s first appearance to conger up orgasm #1 on the couch followed by a very wet and wild squirting orgasm in the hallway. The girls always love the hallway treatment and it’s just the foreplay to her BIG SURPRISE in the shower and you guessed it. It’s The Man himself Isiah Maxwell and his twelve inches of pure black stallion meat. He’s hung like a horse and Kira likes horses, and like all our newbie’s to first time black cock she got right on her knees and began sucking and playing with it like it was cupids arrow. To Kira it is and Isiah shot it right down her throat and the puppy dog eyes she threw out at (11:18) are what every man wants to see as he begins to face and throat fuck a submissive young thang. Kira’s young all right and the gag ropes that strung out of her mouth tells you it was all the way down her virgin throat. She loved it and even gave the head of his stiff cock a little thank you kiss at (11:49), and Isiah said you’re welcome by really shoving it back down her throat and her eye flutters tell us it’s the first time she’s ever been deep throated and gagged by a real man’s cock. Fuck Kira you’re awesome and you know the sex is good because she doesn’t even wipe off the dangling drool from her chin the entire time she’s getting railed on the vanity. Next Isiah picks up our giddy with BBC and fucks her in standing position and this is were we get the best shot of her creamy pussy as he just pounds and annihilates her slit into pure bliss. This is one pounding she wont soon forget but the bathroom fun ain’t over yet Kira as Iaish bends you over and pounds her face into the mirror until Orgasm #3 drowns her senselessly and there’s no returning her back to earth as she’s lost further and further into Isiah’s dark oblivion of pleasure. Didn’t know you would be taking your first black cock today did you kira, and orgasms #4 to #11 just came over you again and again and again as Isiah had his way with you and your orifices on the bed and the toes never lie. Because starting at (37:10) as Kira’s flat on the bed in complete exorcism mode, Isiah thoroughly unleashes the full Maxwell treatment on this poor girl in lazy doggy and her feet go flailing about and her toes spread as far apart as possible as if she’s suffering from the worst foot cramp imaginable, and you just know that every girl alive wishes she could get the same treatment. Your welcome honey and I think the best orgasm of the day came at (58:02) as she’s getting fucked hard in reverse cowgirl while holding the magic wand on her clit and she squirts piss strait at the cameras like a drinking fountain. Wow, and next it’s off to the shower and this girl’s so giddy with BBC love that at (1:15:19) after confessing her naughty sins to the mirror she opened the door and asked if Isiah would join her in the shower. You don’t have to tempt Isiah with a good time and of course he unloaded once more onto this thoroughly BBC satisfied girl for one totally awesome day. We always aim to please Kira, so cheers everyone and I really hope you enjoy this beautiful newbie’s first BBC.

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