[AllHerLuv] Alison Rey, Freya Parker, Sadie Summers (Mama’s House pt. 2 / 03.09.2024)


Part 2 picks up with the couple in a quandary: How to break it to Sarah that Lily’s not staying over for just one night, but indefinitely because after the sudden breakup she has no place to stay. Christy suggests telling her mom tomorrow. While they’re discussing it, Sarah pops up in the doorway to the guest room, catching them off guard. Christy tries to explain that her landlord wouldn’t permit her to have another person live with her, but Sarah is all understanding, taking the news in her stride, noting after all “we’re family”. That settled, Lily insists they do something special for Sarah. Her idea is to spend some time with the hot MILF, and after first kidding her lover about the suggestion, Christy agrees, and there’s no time like the present. They head for the living room where Sarah’s ensconced reading a book, and Lily announces: “We were just wondering if you’d like to join our Girls Night In?”. Christy chimes in: “Yeah, Lily has a crush on you”. The kidding around is short-lived as Sarah asks flat-out: “Are you sleeping with my little girl, Lily?”. Lily comes clean and apologizes, admitting that they’ve been seeing each other. Afraid of being thrown out of the house, she asks: ” I’ll do anything. How can I repay you?”. Sidling over next to Lily on the couch, Sarah says: “Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve been intimate”. Feeling left out, Christy intejects: “What about me?”. As Sarah begins kissing Lily, Sarah says: “You can stay… or you can go”. Christy responds sheepishly: “I guess I’ll stay”. “That’s a good girl. Come give mama a kiss”, Sarah says. All three of them exchange kisses. Sarah wastes no time, and starts undressing Lily and sucks the girl’s nipples. Quickly getting nude herself, Sarah gives all her attention to Lily, while Christy also sheds her duds, getting ready to join in the fun. Sarah murmurs: “You can stay as long as you want, honey”. As Christy takes over kissing her friend, Sarah removes Lily’s panties and starts rubbing the girl’s wet pussy from behind. Watch the taboo threesome unfold…

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