[TabooHeat] Cory Chase, Addyson James (Summer with Step Moms / 06.20.2024)


Anal Threesome and Creampie-
My step-mom, Addyson James, is wearing a light blue bra with matching panties. ‘Sweetie, I really want you to fuck me again and creampie me!’ she exclaims. ‘Again?! We’ve been doing it so often lately. I’m not sure I have anything left in me, but I can try…’ I told her. She gets into the doggystyle position and I start to fuck her tight holes from behind. While I am fucking her, her college friend, Cory Chase, barges into the room. I am so shocked, that I stop fucking my step-mom and I sit there waiting to see what to do. ‘I want to join you guys!’ Cory exclaims. I (Luke Longly) continue fucking my step-mom’s pussy from behind, while Addyson explains that she told her friend Cory all about what we’ve been secretly doing! Cory is wearing a bright pink bra and matching panties, but she quickly pulls her big tits out from under her bra. Addyson starts to lick Cory’s nipples, while I am fucking Addyson from behind. Cory watches me as I fuck Addyson’s ass with my hard cock. When I pull my cock out of Addyson’s ass, Cory licks it clean before I put my cock in Addyson’s pussy. Cory pulls her panties off and then she lies down on the bed in the missionary position next. I start to fuck her pussy, while Addyson plays with Cory’s big tits. While Cory is still lying down on her back, I move my cock out of her pussy and into her ass hole. Cory wants to ride my cock next, so she climbs on top and she rides my cock in the cowgirl position with her pussy followed by her ass. Addyson climbs on top of me next and she also rides my cock with both of her holes. Next, Cory moves into the doggystyle position and I start to fuck her ass from behind, while Cory simultaneously eats Addyson’s pussy out. When I pull my cock out of Cory’s ass, her ass hole gapes open wide. I have both of the MILF’s move into the missionary position, next to each other. Then I fuck all four of their holes in no particular order. When I am ready to cum, I allow my cock to explode deep inside of my step-mom’s pussy! Then it drips out of her pussy, and her friend Cory licks it all up like a good slut!

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