[TabooHeat] Cory Chase, Addyson James (Summer with Step Mom (Parts 4) / 06.19.2024)

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Addyson James and her old college friend, Cory Chase, are both wearing hot pink dresses as they sit down next to each other on the couch. ‘So what have you been up to lately?!’ Cory asks Addyson. Addyson starts to explain how my step-dad is away on business all summer, and she’s been spending the summer alone with me! ‘I’ve been having so much fun fucking my step-son lately,’ Addyson confesses. ‘What?! No way!’ Cory exclaims. ‘In the ass!’ my step-mom adds. Cory is shocked, but she wants to know all the details. ‘We also haven’t been using condoms, so it’s possible I could be pregnant,’ she confesses. Cory gasps loudly; She just can’t believe what she’s hearing! Cory is starting to get turned on, so she helps Addyson strip out of her dress. Cory pulls her own dress off next, and then she immediately starts to eat Addyson’s pussy out. After she cums, the two MILF’s switch places and Addyson eats Cory’s pussy out next.

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