[TabooHeat] Amiee Cambridge (BBC Worship / 06.05.2024)


‘So you’re here for some stamina training today, so you can up your endurance?’ Amiee Cambridge asks you. ‘Take that cock for me, and I will help train you to push yourself to the limits,’ Amiee explains. You take your cock out but you’re currently soft, and Amiee wants to help you change that. She lifts up her t-shirt, revealing her big tits to you. ‘Your cock is still not getting hard! Are you gay?’ Amiee questions you. ‘I’m not gay!’ you reply. Amiee has a solution to your problem; She has a team player here today, and he has a huge BBC. She brings him out, and his BBC is just flopping next to Amiee. ‘I know you claim you’re not gay, but you seem to be getting turned on by this BBC…’ Amiee comments… Amiee takes her hand and she starts to stroke his huge cock, while you watch and stroke your own cock. Now your cock is finally rock hard! ‘Slow it down!’ Amiee reminds you. ‘I can barely wrap my fingers around this BBC,’ Amiee reminds you. ‘Are you jealous? Do you wish your cock with this big?’ she giggles at you. ‘Oh you’re definitely gay for the BBC! That is nothing to be ashamed of!’ she exclaims. ‘You can stroke your cock a little faster now,’ she allows. She reminds you that you’re not allowed to cum until she tells you too, though. ‘Stroke your cock the same way that you would stroke this BBC,’ she says. ‘Let’s see how much control you have. I’m going to give you a cum countdown, and when I get to 1, you will finally be allowed to cum. You’re not allowed to cum sooner!’ she exclaims. ’10, 9, 8, 7, look at his big cock, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, imagine your mouth on it, 1… and now you’re finally allowed to cum!’ she moans. Your cock explodes at the end…

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