[StepSiblings] Maya Farrell, Ameena Green (Squirt for the Camera / 06.02.2024)


Ameena and her stepsis Maya are grounded at home. They are apart from their boyfriends who seem to be losing interest in them. Stuck at home and with nothing to do about it, Nick, the girls’ stepbrother, convinces them to make a sexy video to keep their boyfriends interested. Sadly, the guys don’t really react to the raunchy vids of the girls’ pussies, so Nick convinces them to make an even hotter video of them squirting. Little do they know that this is all part of Nick’s plan to make a little video of his own. The boy’s secret plot takes an unexpected turn when Ameena and Maya discover him, but Nick decides to raise the bet: he won’t tell anyone about it if he gets a little taste of his stepsisters’ sweet cunts.

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