[SheLovesBlack] Nomi Melone (Lend Me Your Car / 06.04.2024)


Borrowing something from a roommate may be a bit awkward for other people. But for Nomi Melone, it’s as normal as breathing. The brunette MILF gets ready for her appointment. She approaches you to ask you to lend her your car. Unfortunately, you are going to use it later, so you can’t grant her request— but Nomi is not easily discouraged. She proceeds to tease you into agreeing by placing her hands on your crotch. Your big black cock can’t help but get hard because of the naughty gesture. The gorgeous babe knows you well since you’ve been roommates for so long. Seeing your reaction to her touch, Nomi smiles brightly and continues to tease your BBC. She unbuckles your belt and pulls down your pants without hesitation. The naughty babe gets a little flustered when she sees your big dick, but the sight also makes her rather happy. Nomi holds the base of your huge rod before putting the head in her mouth. The sloppy blowjob drives you crazy and makes you forget that the lady giving you head is your roommate. The stunning MILF takes off her leopard-print dress, revealing her natural tits and firm ass. Nomi lies down on the couch and spreads her legs for you to finger her shaved pussy. After loosening up Nomi’s hole, you watch as the brunette babe rides your black cock in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. The things that the horny lady does just to borrow your car make you speechless. Looking at the hottie, moving her hips and bouncing on top of you, makes you want more. When she gets off of you, the beauty delivers a sloppy blowjob-handjob to your throbbing length. Her hard work makes you give in. You proceed to fuck her shaved pussy doggystyle and missionary, and pull out when you’re about to cum. Nomi sucks and pumps your BBC until your load fills her mouth.

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