[SheLovesBlack] Mia Stone (Fulfilling A Fantasy / 06.19.2024)


Pent-up frustrations are like bombs that can explode at any time. Mia Stone is a grown woman with a lot of sexual desires. She goes to you to ask permission to go out with her friends. The hottie wearing a sexy blue dress approaches you and tells you about her plan, but you need to have a serious talk with her about her behavior at school. You coax the brunette babe to tell you about her problems. Mia was reluctant at first but eventually gave in. She confesses that every night she hears you and her mother going at it, and she’s burning with jealousy. The needy lady is well aware of your awkward relationship with her, but she still can’t help but fantasize about your big black cock. The brunette hottie unbuckles your pants and helps you take to your BBC. Mia can’t hide her surprise and excitement the moment she sees your size. She starts giving your big dick a sloppy blowjob-handjob combo. The tattooed beauty takes her time pleasing your erection with pure delight on her face. When Mia lets go of your black rod, your thread of rationality finally snaps upon seeing her lustful appearance. Your hands can’t help but wander to her small tits and trimmed pussy. She lies down and lets out soft moans as you rub her clit and finger her slit. After preparing her wet entrance, you watch as Mia climbs on top of you and puts your big black dick inside her. The view of her riding you in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl is just so stimulating. Anyone who sees her like that will also surely lose their mind. The gorgeous hottie then gets down and delivers another blowjob-handjob combo to your BBC until it’s all covered in her saliva. After the short break, you proceed to fuck her in doggystyle and missionary and pull out when you’re near your climax. Mia kneels and strokes your black rod until you shoot your load into her mouth.

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