[PutaLocura] La Sadica Vive (Caught A Vicious Spanish Woman / 06.07.2024)

Today’s PILLADAS is truly crazy! It’s been a long time since I’ve had so much fun with a new girl in my arms! This morning I went for a walk in the park behind my house, and I ran into this beautiful woman who prefers to keep her name anonymous, but who loves that we call her “La Sadica Vive”. We played the question and answer contest for a while… this time, with redeemable points that raised the temperature to maximum levels! The thing is that things have been getting so hot that we couldn’t hold on… and we got into trouble right there! At first we were a little hesitant that someone could see us fornicating like pigs, but after a few minutes we have forgotten everything, giving free rein to our wildest instincts! But the thing doesn’t end here, then we went home… to have a second great fuck that will remain forever in the retina of all the followers of the legendary series PILLADAS!!! Watch out for this Spanish brunette who has everything it takes to drive you all completely crazy! I’m totally serious, one of the horniest and most vicious girls I’ve met in many years! TREMENDOUS!!!

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