[PureTaboo] Coco Lovelock, Dana Vespoli (Swapped In Secret: The Other Family / 06.18.2024)

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Charlene (Dana Vespoli) returns home after running an errand and is shocked when she is greeted by a cheerful girl, Mara (Coco Lovelock), who claims that Charlene is her parent. Charlene is bewildered as she demands to know where Tracy is, who sheā€™s really the parent of. Thatā€™s when George (Tommy Pistol), Charleneā€™s husband, intervenes by happily putting his arm around Mara, the two of them acting like everything is perfectly normal. George explains that he wanted a young lady he could fuck, so he secretly swapped Tracy for Mara, who comes from an unrelated but like-minded family. Charlene is horrified, especially when she finds out that Tracy left willingly to indulge in her own freakish desires. Charlene then has to watch as George and Mara have gleeful, raunchy sex all around the house. George and Mara invite her to join in on the fun but Charlene is conflicted. However, it soon becomes obvious that thereā€™s little she can do but embrace this twisted new family arrangementā€¦

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