[PervMom] Andie Anderson (The Forbidden Bride / 06.09.2024)


Mike is planning to propose, and his stepmom, Andie, couldn’t be more proud! She wants to see her stepson happy, but she wants to make sure Mike is ready to be a husband. Andie wants Mike to practice what he is going to say to his fiance and suggests he try it out on her. Andie plays the part of Mike’s fiance a little too well, and she starts rubbing his cock. Andie has always had the hots for Mike, and this is her big opportunity to play with his cock. Mike can’t believe what’s happening. His stepmom was on the couch, ready to suck his cock, looking extremely horny. She jerks him off, taking his cock in both hands, but before she can start blowing him, their fun is interrupted when they hear someone coming. Andie gets her second chance later and makes sure not to pass up the opportunity. She sucks Mike’s cock and milks him dry, sucking every drop of cum she can from his bulging shaft. Even this doesn’t prove to be enough for Andie – she wants to go all the way and get fucked hard by her stepson. Mike is in shock when Andie surprises Mike in a bridal gown. She wants her chance to play the role of the bride, and she wants to see how Mike plans to fuck his bride-to-be. Mike gladly shows his stepmom how he fucks and gives her the kinky dick down. The thick milf takes Mike’s dick like a champ until he’s busting loads of hot cum for her.

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