[OnlyTarts] Princess Alice, Emily First (Swapping Stepsisters / 06.07.2024)


Best friends for years Emily First and Princess Alice have shared many things. One thing they haven’t shared is their deepest kinky secret. At least until Princess Alice gets up the courage to tell her bestie. She has been holding a secret crush on her stepbrother for years and doesn’t think she can keep her feelings hidden any longer. Emily assures her friend that she understands because she feels the same way about her own stepbrother. With their secret shared, they decide that this is a fantasy that needs to come true as quickly as possible. Worried that their stepbrothers might resist, the girls decide to put on special outfits guaranteed to capture their interest. When they call the guys into the bedroom, Emily and Alice are nearly naked and ready to make a move as soon as they can. Before their step brothers can say anything, the sexy pair is on their knees tugging jeans down. They move quickly, sucking dick like they can’t get enough. The whole thing is so much fun that the girls swap partners, tasting new cocks before begging their stepbrothers to fuck their pussies. The taboo mini-orgy escalates quickly as the studly step brothers fuck their slutty step sisters and trade off to make sure everyone gets filled. Both cocks feel so good that neither girl even cares who is fucking who any longer. It just feels too good to stop. They kiss each other and even find time to sixty nine while getting banged. Everything is so hot that they can’t believe they didn’t think of it sooner. Such good cocks are already at home. They cum hard while bouncing on their brother’s dicks and then roll to the floor to let the guys unload streams of hot jizz on their slutty faces. Everyone agrees, this is way too good to be a one time thing.

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