[OnlyTarts] Milancheek, Novella Night (For Onlytarts / 06.18.2024)

Milancheek and Novella Night have been best friends for a long time. They have always done everything together, including going to the same college, taking almost all of the same classes and sometimes even their feelings for the same guys. Through the years, they have developed a tradition, a weekly sleepover. They have also developed feelings for each other that go beyond normal friendship. On warm summer nights, their sleeping attire becomes rather skimpy which always sparks mutual interest. The besties can’t keep their hands off of each other and can’t wait to crawl into bed. They both love having their nipples licked and sucked. Guys always seem to forget this part, so they make sure to spend a lot of time teasing one another’s perky breasts. By the time they get around to stripping off their panties, both young women are soaking wet and ready to explode. Their tradition is that whoever is hosting the sleepover, eats pussy first. It just seems like good hospitality and it never matters who goes first, but they are both happy to please one another over and over. They have both learned tricks to make it fun and the orgasms last all night long. The scary movies are long forgotten as they savor each other and get lost in the waves of pleasure only the love of another woman can bring. It doesn’t matter if they are dating guys and having regular sex, their nights together are always the most passionate, fun and explosive. Even if they have to keep it a secret, they both know that this is what best friends are for.

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