[OnlyTarts] Emily First, Princess Alice (06.20.2024)


Emily First and Princess Alice have been friends for a long time. Recently they have started posting sexy pictures on social media to gain followers and earn a little money. The skimpier the outfit and the sexier the pose, the more their accounts grow. Since they help each other with photos and picking out outfits, they also shoot their content at the same time. Today’s matching outfits consist of tight booty shorts and crop tops so think that their nipples are clearly visible. Emily can’t help but notice that her friend’s are getting stiff as if she is getting turned on. They decide that today might be a good day for a more risqué set for their profiles. The shorts come off and then so do the tops. A few sexy poses later and the girls find themselves chest to chest. As their nipples rub against one another, Emily and Alice are overcome with desire and share their first kiss. Their lips meet and they both feel their bodies flush. They decide that this kind of content might be really good and keep the camera going while they touch each other. It is such a turn-on that they both start touching themselves at the same time. Neither of them has ever masturbated in front of anyone and certainly not on camera, but they can’t help it. Their pussies are so wet and they can both feel an orgasm coming on quickly. They finger fuck themselves to a loud climax, telling themselves that it for their audience, but both of them know the truth. They are hot for each other and next time nothing will hold them back.

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