[OnlyTarts] Emily First, Britney Dutch (Desperate Girls / 06.21.2024)


Britney’s mom married a very rich man. That meant that she led a pretty good life. Her stepbrother on the other hand, had things really easy. His trust fund had him set up with a nice home, cars and plenty of money to travel. During one of his vacations, he asked Britney Dutch if she would watch after his apartment. She was happy to do so and invited her friend Emily First along to help. While they are there, they decide that he has more than enough money and plan to steal some to pay for a vacation of their own. The idea is fun and they get all dressed up for a sexy playful heist without realizing that her stepbrother has come home early. The girls are embarrassed but feel better quickly when he tells them that they don’t have to steal the money. He is happy to give them enough for a vacation. They are so happy that they insist on thanking him the only way they know, with their hungry mouths and tight bodies. He is happy to take them up on it, especially since he has had the hots for his slutty stepsister for a while now. Emily loves the added kink of watching her best friend suck off her own stepbrother and is so wet that she nearly screams for him to fuck her. He fills both pussies with long deep strokes, loving the way it feels to move from one wet hole to another. The girls are impressed by his cock and happily suck on it together. He can’t decide who he wants to cum in so instead has them kneel and share a big load on their eager faces. There is only one thing more that they want, for him to bring his big cock with them on vacation.

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