[NubileFilms] Demi Hawks (Hands On Learning / 06.20.2024)

Kyle Mason has arrived to tutor Demi Hawks. He asks her which physical systems she needs help with as she’s applying to nursing school. Demi admits that she needs help with everything. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know where her books are and furthermore she claims she’s a hands-on learner. Mr. Mason tries to turn down Demi’s advances since it would be highly inappropriate. Excusing herself to the kitchen, Demi takes the opportunity to get her composure back. Adjusting herself a bit, she hikes up her miniskirt and returns to the couch. This time, Demi goes for the gold by peeling off her shirt as she asks for help with her respiratory system. She caresses Mr. Mason’s thigh, then moves her hands up to cup the bulge in his pants. She unzips Kyle’s fly as he sits frozen, then strokes him off until he agrees that she should start sucking. Demi demonstrates that she’s incredible with her BJs! At Demi’s insistence, Mr. Mason gives back with a pussy licking. He finds that coochie perfect and ripe for the fucking. Of course he takes the chance to shove it in and dive balls deep into his student’s velvet glove. Now that the pair have started, they’re not about to stop. Demi climbs onto Mr. Mason’s lap so he can dick her down as she rides in reverse cowgirl. She takes a doggy style pussy pounding neck while Mr. Mason pulls her hair and gives it to her as deep as she needs to squeal. Rolling Demi onto her side, Kyle plunges back inside as she lays on her side. Rolling onto her belly, Demi looks up with her mouth open. Mr. Mason knows just what his student wants. Stroking himself off, Kyle aims towards Demi’s mouth. He blows his nut right in her face, leaving her with a tasty treat to enjoy as their session comes to an end.

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