[LezBeBad] Casey Calvert, Katrina Colt (Stretched To Her Limits / 06.07.2024)

Katrina Colt’s best friend, Casey Calvert, hasn’t been having a good week… You see, she’s just broken up with her boyfriend, and she has nowhere to go. Being a good friend, Katrina invites Casey to come stay with her for a while, and Casey is grateful. As Katrina helps Casey unpack her things, however, a startling revelation occurs when Casey shares the exact reason she broke up with her boyfriend. It turns out that she was interested in anal, but her boyfriend wasn’t… to the point that the only thing he was comfortable putting in her back door was his measly little finger! This was a dealbreaker for Casey, who desperately wanted to get stretched to her limits. Well, luckily for her… Katrina is a pro at anal and is more than willing to give Casey the anal experience she’s been craving. After all, what are best friends for, right? Casey’s a bit surprised by Katrina’s offer, but easily agrees to it. So, Katrina goes to get her trusty box of sex toys, which includes dildos of varying girths to help ease Casey’s hole into the wonders of anal gaping.

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